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  • Relax muscles and joints
  • Massage the fluids back to the heart
  • Stimulate the reflex points to reduce pain
  • Exercise by moving the nerves & tendons
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Foot relief you can feel!

Footlog is an excellent tool to relieve painful feet, because it is a scientifically designed foot massager and exerciser. The Footlog is specifically created to help with the rigid jarring our feet experience each day.

Sore and painful feet are more common in today's society. Do you walk or stand for long hours during the day? Are you an athlete who pushes your feet to the limits? Do you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis? Unfortunately, most people don't bother to pay attention to their foot pain until their feet are screaming out for attention.

Fortunately, the Footlog provides a simple way to relieve foot pain of all kinds. Just sit down and take the weight off your feet and use the FootLog - it massages your feet and improves circulation. The FootLog is a great tool for easing the soreness that your feet experience daily.

The FootLog is so versatile, you can use it anywhere!

Try our Footlog Kit for the complete foot care that you need.


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